TP3 Tubridi

A plug-in hybrid electrical platform for mobile machines of the future and its components: Tubridi (Aalto)

The Tubridi project, in which the aim is to find out what is possible to achieve with new technologies, comes under the research-driven ECV-RES sector. The challenge is to build a demonstrator of a hybrid electrical mobile machine that would have a significantly higher performance than conventionally powered machinery and that would only consume half the amount of fuel. The demonstrator would also serve as a unique test bed in which Finnish manufacturers of transmission components can test and demonstrate their products.

In the project, Finnish research institutes, manufacturers of mobile machinery and component manufacturers join forces to build a hybrid electrical platform for mobile machines. In addition to applying the concrete ‘trial by error’ method, the Tubridi team will also demonstrate and test the technology on a real machine. The project combines the expertise of the research institutes involved and helps the partners to expand their cooperation. This will provide the companies with a broader recruiting base for experts in electrical transmission.

A test bed for a mobile machine

The mobile machine demonstrator and test bed, to be built as part of the Tubridi project, will be used for the testing of components and energy storages. The test bed, a heavy mobile machine, will provide an opportunity to test the components in a real work cycle and in real conditions. The HIL (Hardware/Human in the Loop) simulation environment, to be developed as part of the project, will allow the simulation of all types of mobile machinery and work cycles and the running and testing of a real power line as part of the simulator. Different types of simulation environments have become an important tool for boosting the efficiency of the training of mobile machine operators. Machines with new features are introduced to these environments even before they have been put into production.

The eSTORAGE3 work package is the most important partner of Tubridi in the components sector. The two will jointly select the batteries to be used in Tubridi and measure their properties. The model of the battery to be used in Tubridi will be parameterised on the basis of the measurements and the resulting model can later be used in system simulations and in the design of the demonstrator’s control system.

Interfaces with other projects and the international connection

Tubridi is closely connected with the HybLab and Topdrive projects currently under way at Aalto University. Post-graduate students distinguishing themselves in HybLab and Topdrive can continue to work on their doctoral dissertations in Tubridi and transfer their expertise to Finnish industry.


Financial backers/other parties supporting the project:


Electrifying working machine - a road map

PDF-tiedostoTubridi_road_map_long_2015.pdf (525 kB)
Electric drivetrain components - technology road map for mobile machinery
PDF-tiedostoTubridi_road_map_overview_2015.pdf (186 kB)
Tubridi road map ver. 2015
PDF-tiedosto2015_03_Tubridi_LUT_e.pdf (764 kB)
Non-Road Mobile Machinery Hybridization Methods by Virtual Design and Electric Drive Models

Contact information

Jenni Pippuri, VTT
tel. +358 20 722 4067

Tubridi Project Manager
Panu Sainio, Aalto University
tel. +358 50 5678 396