Linkker philosophy is to build sustainable battery electric bus systems, which are cost optimized over lifetime. Our solutions are energy efficient lightweight electric bus, energy efficient drive line, control and monitoring applications for optimized operation. The combination of lightweight bus construction, energy efficient drive line, small size battery and opportunity charging result in a cost optimized and sustainable city bus system with 10%-30% reduced energy consumption enabling faster turnaround times, reduced charging costs and longer battery life. All in combination result in lower Total Cost of Ownership.

The Linkker bus construction is based on a full aluminium body and chassis. The original development was done by Kabus Ltd,a small and innovative Finnish bus manufacturer and subsidiary of Finland’s largest private bus operator. Linkker design goals are low consumption, easy maintenance and long lifespan. The bus itself is approximately 3000kg lighter than  comparable modern buses made from steel, but offering same payload. This lightweight construction is well proven, with 130 buses built between 2005-2011 and driven more than 70 million kilometers.

Linkker has a strong in-house competence in vehicle control systems and electric system integration. The sophisticated control systems provide energy efficient performance, smooth acceleration, braking and all the necessary control functions  for easy driving. The control systems and integration know-how were built in several earlier development projects during last 10 years.


Tom Granvik, Linkker Ltd
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